Letter Kerning - How do I get these visuals in Illustrator?

You have to make them. There are no push button things in Illy that show you that info.

As PrintDriver said, redraw them. Luckily, that’s what Illustrator is for — drawing vector objects.

If it were me, I likely wouldn’t recreate someone else’s work, but on the off chance it was somehow needed, I would drop the images into Illustrator, place them on a template layer, then trace over them using various tools.

If I had the font, it would save time. If not, redrawing five letters wouldn’t take long. Then again, if you’re not too familiar with Illustrator, it could take a whole lot longer.

There’s also the option of autotracing the image in Illustrator, but the results won’t be good.

For what it’s worth, the OX could use tighter kerning.

I have my own word that I will be adjusting the kerning on, I’m not using this work at all. I was just curious if they created this all from scratch or if it’s a feature in Illustrator. Thanks for the clarification.

No, there’s no feature in Illustrator that will automatically do something like this for you. There are, however, tools in Illustrator to use that will enable you to create something similar.

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