Letterpress and Gold Foil Invitation Printing Serv

I’ve been in search of a reputable letterpress/embossed/gold foil print company for the invitation suites I create. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Why don’t you talk to some local printers in your location (wherever that is)
Because I would want the expertise of a good local print shop to do Letterpress and gold foil. This is a global forum, so if you want local references…it’s still a big world regardless of the internet…

[why am I waiting for that shoe-dropping sound…?]

You haven’t supplied much information. Choosing the right printer depends on your location, quantity needed, budget, etc. As PrintDriver suggested, I’d look for a local printer to do this.

The combination of printing techniques you mentioned will likely mean hiring a small specialty print shop — one likely in a larger metro area where there might be enough demand for older craftsman-type printing. Companies that specialize in the combination you mentioned aren’t all that plentiful any longer.

I know a trustworthy shop in Cartagena, Colombia. If you’re interested you can talk to them.

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