LIfe Before AutoCAD

Love these old pics :heart:

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Long, long ago and way back to the point where it seems like another lifetime, I worked as a technical illustrator for what was then Sperry Univac (now Unisys). At the time, the division of the company I worked in built mainframe computers. I drew illustrations for their technical manuals showing their customers how to do things like setting up their hardware and LANs.

Because we used similar tools (drafting tables, ink, compasses, triangles, etc.), I worked in the same big room with the dozens of draftsmen who drew the circuitry that would be burned into computer microchips using some kind of photo lithographic process that I never completely understood.

Anyway, their work was all drawn by hand using technical pens on dozens of layers of big mylar sheets that were subsequently shrunk down to the size of fingernail. I really don’t know how they did it; the ink lines drawn onto those mylar sheets looked like an incredibly intricate maze of connections that seemingly went on forever.

Today, that kind of integrated circuitry is millions of times more complex and I have no idea how it’s done. I can’t imagine it would even be possible to draw it all out by hand any longer.


Except for the first photo, everyone is wearing dress shirts, ties, vests or jackets. Maybe we’ve gotten too casual as a society – and that’s coming from a guy who’s standard dress code is cargo shorts and a t.

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My Gramps was an Engineer for Finch Pryun Paper Co. He dressed in a crisp, white shirt, suit and tie every day with a fantastic hat. This was to go to work in a steamy, hot and grimy mill. He very much looked the part of the era. Very dashing indeed. btw … he was call “Red” . They say it’s where my red hair came from as well :slight_smile:

I’m of the mind set live and let live. It’s served me well. But, I still can’t feel a little part of me die every time I see a man in a a pair of skinny jeans and wearing a bun. And yes … I realize that is totally sexist … I just can’t help the way my brain works. I would never tell anyone they look bad or shouldn’t/couldn’t wear whatever … but I can’t help but cry/laugh a little inside :wink:

There are definitely parts of “the good ole” days that I’m very happy are no longer part of our culture … but there are other parts … sweet, innocent and stylish parts I wish we had hung on to :slight_smile:

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I can’t imagine being able to draw it, let alone read it :smiley:

My wife and I were transferring old camcorder videos to my computer a few years back. There was one video of my grandparents at our house for a Sunday dinner. Both of my grandparents were wearing suits, and my grandma was in a dress.

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My mother’s brother and his wife coming for Thanksgiving dinner in 1964
I was just a wee 6 months old :smiley:



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