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Happening Tomorrow

Legendary producer Ridley Scott and Academy Award winner Kevin Macdonald invite you to participate in Life in a Day: a historic documentary film to capture a single day on Earth.

It looks pretty interesting … but I doubt they would find much interest with me. Get up, make breakfast, eat, read the news, play with the cats, do laundry or some other mundane house thing, make lunch, maybe take a nap, work on a craft, play with the cats, make dinner, watch TV, go to sleep.

:smiley: Not much skydiving, baby having or firefighting in my near future. Especially in this new age of social distancing.

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Years ago, I think Life Magazine used to put out an edition like this. It was really cool.

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RKK’s description of her day (not totally accurate as she left out “identify obscure font on GDF”) got me wondering what a synopsis of my day would look like.

Monday - Wednesday
Get up, read news, eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, back to work, after work group bike ride, eat dinner, TV, bed

Thursday - Friday
Get up, read news, eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, back to work, eat dinner, go back to work, TV, bed

What does your day look like?

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Unless you group my work day as “at work” a day in my life is far to random to even contemplate.
Weekends are even more random.
A typical weekday is get up, eat breakfast (what that is could be is very random,) drive to work, do work, hang out on GDF, eat lunch, do more work, drive home, make supper (again very random and may include “making” a stop to pick up supper,) outdoor something after supper (weather permitting) that could be anything from fishing to gardening to shoveling the driveway, doing some internet surfing, drawing stuff, hanging out in Discord (non-gaming,) more GDF or just plain going to bed early.
I’m not even gonna try to outline a weekend. LOL

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LOL :smiley:

I forgot to sprinkle in my internet time as well :smiley: That consists of playing trivia, visiting here, visiting FB, Instagram and Youtube :slight_smile:

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Love the other daily descriptions too!!

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With COVID, my daily work week routine is pretty repetitive.

wake up, feed my kids, fire up my laptop, work, break for lunch, do dishes, back to work, eat dinner, sometimes do more dishes, maybe play a game or play outside for a bit with the kids, get the kids ready for bed, read or watch TV, maybe surf the web until midnight or so. Sleep, repeat.

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