Linkedin post graphics are appearing low quality


I’m curious if anyone knows about the following issue. When uploading image posts on Linkedin, it seems to reduce the quality as in my first screenshot. You’ll notice artifacts are around the type and it’s rendering blurry. Once I click on the image to expand it, it looks a little better but still blurry in spots. The image is RGB and 4600x3071 px, 300 dpi. Does anyone know the correct dimension for linkedin post graphics that will render better?

Thank you

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 4.44.31 PM

I tend to check this link from time to time. It’s a google doc with always up to date specs on recommended pixel sizes for social media and have had good luck with following it.

They recommend a pixel size of 1200x627. I will say an image that is 4600 pixels wide is generally overkill for social media.

All the social media platforms resample, recompress and optimize images posted to their platforms. They make the assumption that hardly anyone will upload the right image format, size, compression, etc., so they automatically take what’s uploaded and redo it to what they think works best for them.

As Craig mentioned, there are recommended sizes, but in the end, what you see once it’s uploaded has been redone according to what their algorithms think work best for their platform. As a result, you end up seeing jpeg compression artifacts around the edges of the type and in other areas.

Thank you for the reply. So what your saying is that there’s really no way around the blurriness and lower quality?

If you do it to the linkedin specs - the exact size and resolution - it will be fine.

It might need to be 500x500px at 72 ppi or 500x500px at 96 ppi.
Both would yield different sizes.

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