Do you use LinkedIn as a way to promote your design services? If so, care to share any effective strategies? Is it mostly about posting work samples? Using it as a networking tool? Other? Thanks.

Only top management here seems to use it, mostly because it’s expected.

My only run in with Linked In was finding out there is absolutely no way to contact them when someone is trying to set up a fake account in your name using your email address. The emails kept coming in to verify my account and there was no way to tell them to stop. For 2 weeks.
I won’t use a company I cannot contact.

I have an account there with basic information just in case someone is looking, but I never post anything. Unless a person spends a lot of time writing articles and developing a following of potential customers, I’m not sure I see the point.

With me, it’s sort of awkward actively promoting my own business online when my day job for my employer is, in many ways, much the same thing and could be seen as a conflict of interest.

I only use linked-in to keep in touch with some contacts that I don’t hear from often. I don’t use it for anything else career wise because it keeps trying to connect me with people I don’t want to be connected with.

Linked In keeps sending me emails from people on linked in who have turned over their contact lists (either knowingly or unknowingly.) When I ask the people why they are asking me to join linked in, they don’t know anything about it. It does it automatically.
Sounds like you gotta be careful of your settings.

This is another reason I don’t like LinkedIn. Way too many things, by default, get shared with others that I had no intention of sharing.

Linked in is a good resource but it’s not really good for design purposes. It was never built to accommodate portfolio’s in any visually pleasing way.

Remember as a designer, your web page layout, no matter what site it’s on, should stand out with creative design on the page. Using Linked-in as a Designer website is like using Word Perfect to design. It’s just not made for it.

I have a separate website and have never used or thought of using LinkedIn as a portfolio website. I am simply curious if and how other designers from GDF are using it to promote themselves. Pretty sure the answer, at least from this community, is that they are not using LinkedIn as a promotional tool.

I just started getting Linked-In ads on Youtube for design tutorials made by Linked-In.

Just sayin.

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