Liquify effect

Hi guys

How can i make this colorful liquify effect? Im trying and trying but i cant understand how to make it properly. Any advice?

What software do you have available to you?

Photoshop and Illustrator

I would try this;

  • in PhotoShop, make a copy of the areas I want to liquify on a separate layer
  • use the smudge tool to draw out those areas
  • apply colour effects like Colourise to the new layer

It will take some playing around to get the exact effect you want, but that is the fun part.

Nope this doenst work but thank you :frowning:

Okay well, it’s not likely we’re gonna line up to take random pot-shots at helping you hit on the techniques that will lead you to “make it properly,” whatever that means to you.

You’re “trying and trying” what? What have you tried, and what is it about the result that leaves you unfulfilled? Is there a particular aspect of the example you posted that’s especially troublesome? Are you just trying to learn a technique, of do you have a specific objective for a job you’ve got?

You can get great help here, but solving your problem requires a joint effort, with your part of it going well beyond just asking how, and then saying “nope.”

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I want to learn a technique: how to make this liquify effect with that colors.
I tried what studiomonkey said, i tried to use liquify with a small brush and then i used a gradient map to colorize the “Liquified” part of my job but this don’t work too, but it’s not ugly to see.
I just want to understand how he make this effect, i love it so much.

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