Little help with english

i want to leave a profile message somewhere in my bio. my english is not really good , if you have time please check if everything is ok.

_I enjoy designing all kinds of things, ranging from logos, business cards, illustrations, icons, up to app designs, interfaces and websites. _
I’m a certified PHP developer, so if you need any coding done (PHP, HTML, CSS, Wordpress), let me know, I will do the job.

thanks for your time

What does “up to app designs” mean?

I think it means “up to and including…”

thanks @Just-B, i mean
what @PrintDriver wrote :laughing:

“Up to and including app designs” still makes no sense. It just adds two more words to the phrase without clarifying what “up to” might refer to.

It implies that app design is an upper limit to something that occurs before app design without ever mentioning what this preceding something might be.

B, he said he needed help with the English.
How would you re-write it?

My plan was to ask Nikko to clarify that one thing, then make specific suggestions.

Maybe I’m oblivious to something obvious, but I’m baffled as to what “up to app design” means — at least in the context of how “up to” was used in the sentence. I can’t rewrite something I don’t understand.

Great way to promote your bio :wink:
Take a look at Google Translate… before Google translations were rubbish, but with artificial intelligence they manage to improve their translations a a lot! They are actually pretty useful nowadays.

well ranging from (starting from logos, illustrations,bc’s), up to something (beeing the upper limit -
->a bit harder for me but still doable, like app designs, websites etc)
without being too “obvious” that app designs and websites are a bit hard for me… haha

well can i just simplify this:

“I enjoy designing all kinds of things, logos, bc…”

maybe just skip the part “ranging from to…” or if there is some other word to describe my situation

haha thanks :sweat_smile:
i’m currently freelancing on crowdsourcing platforms looking forward to avoid the competition - you never know if you get paid. there is a new feature called 1-1 projects where you work with the clients directly. I’d rather work with the clients directly than competing against 100 other designers. maybe there is a good chance if i spice up my bio and portofolio.
wish me luck

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Thanks for the explanation. I think I understand now.

Listing something as specific and simple as business card design next to mobile app interface design seems a little odd. It might be better to say something along the lines of, My skills run the gamut from logo and print design to digital interface design and development. But I’m not sure if that’s what you really want to say or if it’s accurate.

Anyway, using only what you did provide, here’s another version of how it might be written.

My skills include logos, business card, and icon design. I especially enjoy designing digital interfaces for mobile apps and websites. I am a certified coder (PHP, HTML, CSS, Wordpress). If you need a web developer, I can do the job.

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that’s it!

Not bad at all

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