Location Based Company?

Are there any general rules or pieces of advice when designing a logo that uses the city or location in its name? I’ve seen some designs use the first letter of the location or an acronym of the letters used but didn’t personally find it “creative.” Any help would be appreciated!

Short answer. No. There are no such rules.

is the logo for the city? or for some other service? what is the important message of the logo?

and why is my cap key suddenly not working…grrr

it’s actually for a church which has the city it’s located in the name. therefore the message could be explained extensively but was trying to avoid typical “churchy” symbols (cross, bible, etc.) and was hoping to bring it to a more modern look

All depends what kind of church it is. Is it modern and progressive, or is it more hellfire and brimstone? How important to its brand is the city name? I’d wager not particularly. Your logo should be governed and guided by who they are and what they are, rather than where they are.

This is my opinion. I don’t find anything wrong with having the location in a company’s name – assuming the company doesn’t plan on expanding. Where you need to be careful is using any sort of icons or symbolism that is associated with the city. That sort of thing slips into cliche territory awfully fast.

I did one for a church many years ago.

Logo ended up being a vector outline of the church with the name and location of the church

They had a similar parish and I ended up doing the same for them. Outline of church and church name.

Side by side you know they are connected.

But separate they stand out.

For a church it’s fine to have the name of the location. It makes sense for a church.