Loft Brand Re-Design

Hi everyone, I’m new here, so I will start showing something I have been working on.

I have been working on the rebranding of Loft, a digital platform for Kubernetes Self-Service and Multi-Tenancy. This project has a lot of #illustration, #digitalart, #animation, #stickers, #t-shirt, #logodesign, and lot of work. Hope you like it! Thanks for the support and sharing.

You could find me on Behance and Dribbble as @bigheadmotion
Cheers guys!

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They’re cool. I really like them

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@Smurf2 Thanks man!

They’re really fun. I like them too.

While they’re fun and cute and all, they are also tiring.
They use animated things about that size on Discord as “stickers.” Thank goodness there is an off switch for the motion. A page of those things in any sort of minimal concentration starts to swim (like you have here.)