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For the website I’m creating (redesign in progress) I have 5 logo options.


The website is link removed. It crawls the web to get and standardise all information about products from phones, fridges to cars, planes, ships and even food.



Did you design these logos?
Institutional Pink is appropriate how?

(logo 1) I feel Like I’ve seen that identical “P” in another logo before. I just cant put my finger on it. I thought it was ASI (the printing company) at first - perhaps it’s their older older - Or perhaps it was an auto parts store that had it… PrintDriver, do you recognize it?

I’ll assume, for now, logo 1 is borderline copyright infringement in some fashion. Leaving 2 and 3 as your better choices. Logo two’s somewhat trivial graphic creates an elevation level far too high, if you could get in-line with the text that would be more ideal - and, explain the purpose of that symbol.

For logo 3, the graphic outweighs the typography too much. it should be reduced and allocated closer to the type.

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I think it was ASI’s old logo, only it’s not a “P” of course, its a lowercase “A” - but its basically the same graphic. Trying to find an image.

Like Biggs, I too have seen something very similar to the first one, but I can’t place it. I have a feeling what I’m thinking of was a fairly well-known logo from a few years ago, but I don’t know.

I’d hesitate before using the fourth one. I found the following at http://comillacitycorporation.org/2018/06/24/alphabet-p-logo-design/


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I agree with @Biggs that 2 is your best bet from the 5 presented here. And the icon should be inline. I’m guessing that it’s placement has something to do with it closely resembling the p at the beginning and it would be strange to have it in the front like the rest of the options. However, it’s strange having it behind the lettering as well.

Number 5 reminds me a lot of PayPal’s logo form, though that might just be me.

Having just gone through the logo design process for a tech company in the last 6 months (as the designer) I would recommend deciding on a concept rather than the first letter of the company, and then creating iterations. None of these logos look like a well thought-out and unique brand to me. They resemble a few first ideas that come to mind for a new web application.

@PrintDriver I think the color more closely resembles the pink/salmon commonly used in Google’s Material Design

Thanks everybody! :slight_smile:

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