Logo Design Critique Required

Created a logo for the foundation of health security and i would be grateful if you could help selecting the best option and giving me some feedback

Thank you

Logo Design here:

In my opinion, more subtle and interesting colors than red and blue might work better.

The logos themselves are nice, but I’ve seen so many logos with so many variations of stretched, fluid people shapes wrapping themselves into various objects, like hearts and hands, that I sort of regard the entire genre as being something to avoid.

Of the three, I think I like the middle one best because it most successfully avoids these clichés. You’ve chosen an interesting typeface for it too, but I’d need to know more about the personality of the company to know whether or not that typeface fits.

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Hi thank you very much for your feedback, it helps very much.

A company is serious goverment company, they wanted a logo to be understandable and memorable
Their mission is to cover health expenses and also colloborating with goverment for required medical tools etc

Hope this information is helpful, again thank you very much for feedback😄

Your logo: it’s a picture that tells a story. Your story. It’s emblematic of your services and brands you as a reputable professional the community can trust to provide the healthcare it needs. A well designed medical logo is instantly recognizable, timeless, and evokes feelings of confidence

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