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I am looking for a logo design for my business and found on the Fiverr site a lot of designers from different categories.
Do you recommend purchasing from this site whether or not reliable? Or look for a better place.


If you value your business at a fiver or a low value to design your business logo - then you are not valuing your business.

A lot of these ‘designers’ designing for cheap on these crowdsourcing sites end up ‘stealing’ design ideas and this could be damaging to your business, I’m not saying they all do.

Design is not a competition, you can’t just ask 100 mechanics to try fix your car and whoever fixes it best gets paid.

You find a designer(s) you talk with them, you look at the portfolios, you get a price point and then you do work.

Crowdsourcing really undervalues the design process - and it undervalues your business and could have lasting ramifications if the designs are not original and taken from other sources.

It’s completely up to you - if you value you, yourself, and your business - then consider hiring a professional designer.

Not only would I not recommend a contest site like the one you mentioned, I would strongly recommend against it for any one of a dozen different reasons.

People offering services on contest-based crowdsourcing sites aren’t typically mainstream professionals with the education and experience expected from professionals. They tend to be hobbyists and amateurs trying to make some spare change by banging out things quickly.

A business logo is a serious decision. It will be an important part of the face of your business. It will be a shorthand symbol that represents everything your business becomes. It’s not something that you want to trust to an amateur who’s willing to enter a contest in order to make a little spending money. Instead, you want an experienced professional who will work with you to create something that will serve your business interests now and into the future.

Or my cynical brain says “it could be a spam ad from 5R.”

I my experience the ‘designers’ on Fiverr are not usually professionals, and those that are usually have little in the way of skills. It’s ok to use a service like that if you want something cheap, and hey, most of the time that will do the job.

If you find something you like then it really doesn’t matter where it came from.

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There might be a bit of a difference between “something you like” and “something that works.”
Considering 1 in 5 business already fail in their first year, why leave something as important as the public-facing branding up to your whimsy and a designer charging the price of a Big Mac?


Picking up on @PrintDriver’s mention of Big Macs, lots of people like them. Every now and again, eating one is probably fine. However, a constant diet of them and other fast foods can be addictive and have a high chance of making one fat, unhealthy and leading to an early death.

What someone likes isn’t necessarily what that person should make a habit of ingesting. The same is true of buying fast food from a crowdsourcing site.

you are entirely correct of course.

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