Logo Design for Custom Wood Components

Hoping you all have a minute to tell me what you think of a logo and business name. Any and all comments, good, bad and ugly, are appreciated!

If you want, you could answer these questions:

Ignoring the words, of the two images, which do you like more and why?

Ignoring the images, which of the words do you like more?

Are there changes to either the words or the images you would like to see?

You need to know that this business operation this represents will market to and sell to construction contractors, cabinetmakers and other fine woodworkers who need fine wood components with curves that are both accurate and affordable. This operation uses computer driven robotics to create most any shape from wood quick quickly and repeatedly.

The wood grain isn’t a good choice. Logos should be simple graphics, preferably vector.

They need to be printed large and small, black and white and color. These would likely print as dark squares with a squiggle. Or the squiggle could disappear, leaving just a dark square.

I don’t care for either name. They’re both bland, boring, common, with no clue what the business is about. Ideally you want a name that is somewhat descriptive and distinctive.

I suggest back to the drawing board on the whole thing.

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The raster woodwork is a no-go from the start. Develop the logo first so that it works. Create the lockup, then down the road, if you need to pretty it up for, say, a website, add the raster bling later.

Wood grain doesn’t cut like that. Where the bevel is would show end grain and your end grain would stain dark on both sides (ie the light side of the bevel would be dark as well and the wood grain wouldn’t continue into it.)
KNOW YOUR INDUSTRY. Or at least your client’s industry.

Sinewaves are sound.
A Helix is biological.
Automation sounds like you sell equipment, not parts.

If you absolutely have to incorporate a wood grain via client request, simplify and vectorize. There are plenty of other solutions where you could do that.

Why is there no name for the company? Seems you would want to nail that part down way way before attempting to come up with a logo.
Unless this is just a practice project.


DocPixel and PrintDriver have offered solid advice. Take it to heart and head back to the drawing board on this one.

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