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Hello. I need your help.
The logo design is divided into the technical part and the creative part. The creative part is a brief, research, sketches, etc. The technical part is knowledge of Ai (Corel or Photoshop), it is correct to interpret the sketch because it needs not only to draw. I need information about the technical part (and preferably the creative part), if you know any books, lessons on YouTube or other sources. I’ll be very grateful! All that I described above is based only on my knowledge so do not swear if I’m wrong :wink: I’m new.

Is this for a class?

Anything that is telling you the technical part requires you use Photoshop to design a logo is garbage to begin with. You don’t create logos in Photoshop. Period. You can bling them later in Photoshop, but the lockup design is always vector.

Logo design is not a beginning endeavor. Learn theory first.

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What you’re asking about logo design applies to almost any kind of design. There’s the research, thinking, strategizing and creative part of it that’s followed by the implementation that typically involves some kind of tools, technology and specialized skills.

What I would not do is separate logo design from graphic design in general. There seems to be a cottage industry that’s sprung up around designing logos, but in my opinion, a logo is just one small (but important) part of a larger visual branding problem.

Youtube is the best platform to learn about logo design.
There are a lot of videos on Youtube, which will be helpful for you.

There is a whole lot of crap on youtube regarding logo design. Especially when it comes to production mechanics and best practices for file tech issues.

I’ve given up responding to it. I just upped my set-up fee for signage these days in response to all the crap out there.

Even Lyndadotcom has some tutorials that make me grind my teeth at night.

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