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Hello Designers! I’m changing my logo because I want something very simple. My business is Dare2Dezign and I’m a graphic and web designer. I welcome your thoughts and help, tips, etc… on these 4 logo concepts. I’m trying to go after a negative space type concept, but not exactly sure how to do that. Thanks!

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I like the bottom left best, but the D2D isn’t working. Try the 2 as the counter (hole) in the first D and the second D behind but only just visible.

My view of this is almost laterally Freudian, sort of.

  • I hate the use of the word “design” in business names (and I’m sorry but the ‘z’ only compounds that)
  • Coincidentally, of your specimens, I strongly favor the single-D concepts
  • Also coincidentally, I think Dare2.LLC would be a much, much stronger name, conceptually, than what you’re using, which reads as more of a command: ‘dare to design’ than a brand. It seems to suggest the clients should dare to do it themselves, whereas the open-endedness of ‘Dare to’ implies a no-fear-of-anything philosophy that I’d find much more appealing.
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I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be overly harsh, negative or to flame you or troll you (or whatever they’re saying these days), but none of these are working. These give me the impression that you say down with Illustrator, spent a few minutes arranging some letters, and are throwing it out to see if it sticks. Maybe I’m completely wrong. I’d strongly suggest that you step away from the computer and spend a few days with a sketch pad with the goal of sketching out 50+ concepts, and let’s see what you come up with.


Well I followed up and did some sketches and thought of doing something with computer screens…like transferring data and then the 2 as chords??. I came upon this idea. Let me know your thoughts. Logo design is really not my area the help & thoughts are appreciated.!

Much better but it doesn’t need the shading. The icon is quite abstract and suggests a number of things subliminally - which is good. I see cans + string = communication which is close enough to your stated intention.

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