Logo design

Check please this logos. What do you think?

There is nothing posted. And you’ll need to give context for proper criticism.


I don’t even know where to start! This is not design …

Actually; I was all set to launch into how design is about problem-soling and finding bespoke solutions to help clients achieve their goals and how this is the exact opposite. How you can’t turn design into stock imagery, but, you know what I can’t be bothered.

Maybe people who spend $10 on a logo deserve what they get and people who peddle generic logos are so far away from understanding what they are doing, it’s not worth the breath to try to explain, beyond saying that it is this sort of thing that is dragging the design industry into the mud.

If this is harsh and not what you wanted to hear – actually, no, I am not going to apologise for it. Perhaps you need to hear it. You definitely need an education and to understand what design is all about.

What it’s not? Design is not about adornment and it’s not about pretty.

Finally; evidently your post was more about marketing your site than it was about receiving critique. It seems you need to learn about marketing as well. Pushing your wares to a forum full of professional designers is a complete waste of time.

I think you linked to a commercial site that sells stock art — including logos and other things that I’ve seen elsewhere.

I also think that you ignored @Zoogee’s question.

It looks like @Sprout was writing as I was looking at the stock site you linked to.

I agree with Sprout, so I won’t repeat what he said.

I also think you just signed up to promote a bunch of ripped-off work, which doesn’t cut it here.

Anyway, I’ve removed your link and, while I was at it, suspended you from the forum.

Sorry, did I deprive you of a good old ‘…and another thing’ vent?!

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No, you saved me the trouble. :smiley:

This was genuinely hilarious!

I took yesterday off to rotovate the lawn and lay some grass seed.

I’m a bit sore today, the handle on the rotovator broke, so I had to tie it with a rope and hold it in place with one arm while powering with the other, it was a bit awkward but got the job done.

Then the head of the rake broke, so I had to go buy another one, and once I had that I managed to bend the head of the new one out of shape.

But got the job done in the end.

In reality - what I should have done is gone into the neighbours in the dead of night, dig up their lawn, and plant it in my lawn.

That’s the same thing right? A lot of hard work and I would have gotten my reward at someone else’s expense.
Plus I wouldn’t have to wait for the lawn to seed and grow. I’d have a lawn at least.

Oh and I don’t think the feedback sank in - they just tried to post the exact same thing on the forum I moderate.

Anyway - I don’t think they’ll stop posting to forums… marketing 101 - annoy the bejesus out of people until someone buys it.

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