Logo Downloads with Monthly Subscription Options?

Are there websites where I can download logo design templates with a monthly subscription plan? Typically, I require 120 logo templates per month. I’m looking for cost-effective options, ideally less expensive than Shutterstock or iStock. The subscription should include a commercial license.

As a ** contest site removed ** logo designer, I need logo templates to use for designing my orders. Are there any websites offering monthly subscriptions for logo design templates? I typically require 120 logo templates per month and am looking for cost-effective options that include a commercial license.

I’ve locked your account Shirley Bonga. Are you the same person or bot that posted a nearly identical post a month or two ago? I suspect you’re primed to provide an answer to your own question, but now you won’t be able too.

Normally, we wouldn’t have approved your post at all and would have deleted your account. However, I’m making an exception this time because what you’re asking represents so much of what’s wrong with graphic design these days.

A subscription for logo templates to use on crowdsourcing contest sites. Geech! Please don’t come back. You’re wasting your time and ours.


I don’t think these folks will ever learn … this ain’t the place!



This made me laugh out loud. (the post, not the creepy lady gif)
Even better when most stock sites say the logo templates can’t be used to make logos.
Though it looks like Shutterstock now helps you out with doing it legally (read beyond the YES)

Can Shutterstock images be used for Logos and Trademarks?

Yes! You’ll need an exclusive license or the help of Shutterstock Studios.

Because Shutterstock offers royalty-free licensing, not even our strongest licenses (Enhanced and Premier) allow photos, illustrations or vectors to be used as a logo, as part of a logo or as a trademark. However, Shutterstock does offer two solutions when it comes to logo and trademark use: an exclusive buyout of an existing image, or the creation of a brand new design by Shutterstock Studios.

Exclusive Rights

If you would like to use an existing image on Shutterstock as a logo, Shutterstock would need to acquire the copyright from the contributor and then grant you exclusive rights. These rights would include the ability to use the work for trademarks and logos. If you’re interested, please contact us with the image ID(s), a brief summary of how you’d like to use the artwork as well as your initial monetary offer.

Custom Logo Creation with Shutterstock Studios

Alternatively, Shutterstock can create a logo design from scratch leveraging our worldwide network of contributors. This is an especially attractive solution for customers who are interested in using a brand new design as their logo or trademark. Please contact our Studios team for more information!

24/7 Shutterstock Customer Support & Help

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I had no idea that Shutterstock uses its contributors to create bespoke imagery for customers using a business named Shutterstock Studios.

Their website provides very little information on how it works. I suspect it’s some variation of a crowdsourcing approach, but I don’t know.

The following statement on the Shutterstock Studios website doesn’t sound encouraging. It reads, “Our job is to make your pie-in-the-sky idea a reality.”

In other words, we can find desperate people who will take your impractical, naive, and hair-brained ideas and who, for a sufficient fee, will create the ineffective and naive crap you requested.

I’m being cynical, but I’d be willing to bet that cynicism is warranted.


I like that part, “along with your initial monetary offer.”
How bad do you want it? LOL!

But using stock sources as logo templates? The logo sites should crack down on that crap. But they won’t.
Or better, the stock sites should not offer them except in an exclusive section of their website.

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Where can I get crappy logo templates in bulk to peddle my lazily thrown-together wares? Oh I know, I’ll ask a community of dedicated creative people who pride themselves on creating bespoke designs! :thinking:

Scammer is just a synonym for idiot.


I doubt that the type of ‘designer’ that would do that even reads the EULA.
If they did, they’d never buy stock images again.

In fact, when I first did read it, many many years ago, I had to run that whole indemnity thing past our company lawyer. I might have to again. I noticed Shutterstock’s upper level licensing offers some amount of indemnity insurance now.