Logo for a interest organization

The name of the organization is “Landsbyen Brandbu Jaren Næringsliv”, which is abbreviated as LBJN. It is a business and interest organization that works to promote growth and prosperity in the local areas surrounding the trading centers of Brandbu and Jaren. The logo should be a modern design that reflects some of the classic elements associated with these two trading centers. I can provide you with some ideas and suggestions for a logo layout that includes a relevant logo symbol. However, please note that I cannot create visual images or tutorials directly. I can describe the concepts to you in text format.
I am empty of ideas for this task. Maybe some of you guys can point me in the right direction, and maybe you would be so kind and post a sketch of how you are thinking.

Perhaps you could find a good designer in the trading centres of Brandbu and Jaren to help promote growth and prosperity.

Find one who understands that simply designing a logo is unlikely to solve your problem; one that understands where logo design fits within the wider field of branding.

In addition, there is nowhere near enough information to work with in one paragraph. You need to find someone who you can build a relationship with and who understands your goals, market, aspirations, etc.

Apologies if that sounds a little facetious. Although there are many experienced designers here who are always ready to help, we tend to get a little defensive when people ask for free work – especially to include sketches!

Would you go to any other profession and ask them to not just give you the benefit of their experience and knowledge (which is why this forum exists, to help), but to actually do work for you as well? It simply undermines the value of the work designers do, to the point where it becomes an accepted norm. You wouldn’t likely go to a lawyer and ask them to draft you a contract for free. Advice on direction is one thing, but they would probably show you the door if you suggested they do the work for you for free too.

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I’m a little confused. Are you a fellow designer, a student, or a business person asking for help?

The proper way to design logos is to consider the entire brand of the organization. This also involves an analysis of the company itself, its history, its culture, and its goals for the future. In addition, a comprehensive look at its competition, its customers, and its potential customers is needed, among other things.

As @sprout said, you haven’t supplied nearly enough information to do these things unless you’re only looking for a nice-looking mark that you like instead of one that will work well for the organization in question.

The research and the ideas are time-consuming, and they’re what we get paid for. Most of us here will be happy to critique what you come up with and provide helpful points of view. However, no one here will design a logo sketch for you without payment.

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I thought this was a help and advice forum for people and aspiring designers in education. I would have provided all relevant information to proceed with the task. I thought maybe there would be someone here who might want some practice, who would want some training. So just be defensive and don’t care about it. It’s not that big of a deal for me. I’ve been struggling with motivation lately, so I thought others could benefit from this, such as a student. I’ll regain my motivation. I had planned to pay a little for this, but something so obvious was not mentioned in the initial contact. What do you charge me for? Then I saved that money. So to you and others who thought I wanted to take advantage of you: Grab your chance before you push it away.

You seem to have not read the forum rules. Rule number 4 says “Do not request free work. Graphic design is how we earn a living.

Practice and training from someone who describes himself as “empty of ideas for this task” and “struggling with motivation”?

You’re saying you’ll “pay a little” for ideas that professional designers might spend a week or more researching, coming up with ideas, and sketching. Sorry, this isn’t a forum for that.

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to sketch some ideas and post them here, there are many forum members willing to spend a few minutes commenting on and critiquing your work, but no one here will put in the time necessary to research, conceptualize, and sketch your logo for you.