Logo has 342,992 path points (illustrator)

No joke. A “design firm” sent me their logo with over 340,000 points. Their illustrator file is over 40 MB! It’s quite obvious what they did. I’m gonna take a nice raster photo and use live trace to just make it right into a vector file. Great. Done. Perfect. Looks amazing. Send.

Other than using simplify path to reduce the number of points, what the H3LL am I supposed to do with this pile of garbage?

Have to add that it has over 9,000 different “colors” of BLUE.Just blue.

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I don’t know what they’ve hired you to do, but it sounds like the kind of situation I escape when I can.

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Wow! Unless there’s more to it than that, this “design firm” does not appear to be a firm that should be taking on paying clients.


I work for a government entity. We are involved with (mostly grant $$ to) a large variety of conservation and sustainability efforts throughout the region. One single project could consist of 5-10 different companies that will work together to complete a specific project. This logo is just one of the partners who are involved with this project. Basically, when I design an project summary report, the back of the report will contain about 10 or so logos of companies that supported the project. Anyhoo. I can definitely escape this one and have the design firm and the screen printer duke it out. I just thought I could speed up the process for him and help him out.

Ah, one of those. There is probably a good chance your source of the logo was a technically un-savvy bloke, and there is a perfectly workable vector file of their logo in more competent hands, somewhere in their organization. You can often obtain good a logo graphic on your own by mining a company’s web site for reports or press releases in PDF that will contain the correct file matter.


Heck, if it’s for a one time print out for the back page of a publication, I’d rasterize it and call it a day. It is crazy though.


Wish that was the case. The online search and pulling out of pdfs is my usual method when i have nothing, but this logo is directing from the incompetent firm that created it. It’s ridiculous. Thanks for help though.

That’s what I was thinking too. If it’s a one-time-thing that’s being dealt with, why not just convert the “logo” to a high-res raster file and use that? I mean, it’s not the kind of thing that can be fixed without starting over anyway, and if it’s not your logo, it’s sort of pointless to try to fix it. Besides, a huge vector file with that many, likely sloppy, anchor points could easily fail to RIP on output.

You can’t save them all.

You could render it into Photoshop and save it as a high res TIFF.

Quite a few years ago something similar happened to one of my projects. I sent it back with an explanation, and it took them a full week to replace with a reasonable version.

It was at that point that I realized my words were starting to carry weight, and I was into the next phase of my career.

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Thanks. I’ve never tried that.

Export from Illustrator as a high res raster file and use that. If it passes the proof stage you are safe.

I agree with Just-B! I would be cautious about their work ethic as well!

idk but this is a good investment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5OErcNU57k
a 40$ investment for a simple plugin that will handle the all the redundant points, it’s more precise than the illustrator simplify tool
not only that, there’s a handy tool inside the pathscribe section, called smart remove point for more detailed edits
anyone using it? truly amazing plugins, recommended

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