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What do you think of this logo?


Is this version any better?

Not a fan of these logo designs.

That particular typeface appears messy and unkempt. Viewers not familiar with the typeface/font may attribute its jagged exterior for a pixelation or a bad print if viewed on paper.

Browns are difficult to print also. Unless you’re running the same Pantone spot color day in and day out, this brown is going to look different every time its printed with 4 color process. Almost like printing a rich grey, Subtle fluctuations in ink density will noticeably push the color one way or another.

I also feel it takes up quite a bit of space, and it’s quite wordy for a logo. It appears more as a slogan.

I’m not completely apposed to the framed home graphic. Though 3 (additional) colors is pushing it.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Which version to you like least?

Did you design the new one?

I don’t think you’ve found the right solution, yet.

The house is more defined, which I like, but I still don’t htink you’ve found the right solution, yet.

I dislike the typography (sorry). Out of the two logos, however, I like the second one best.

If you want to go with the homemade look, which might be totally appropriate, it might be best to balance out that look with cleaner, more straight-forward type instead of two different hand-written faces in different sizes, different colors, non-standard capitalization and no period at the end of the sentence.

In addition, you haven’t really given us much information on these logos. We can only infer what they’re for, who the target audience is and what they’re designed to accomplish. For example, is this a logo for a business? If so, what does this business do? Is the name of the business actually “Home is where the Art is”? That seems more like a tagline or slogan than a name. I suppose I can see your logic in making Home and Art larger, but it’s typographically clumsy.

That Bradley font is a bit overused. If you do use it, I would tighten up the kerning and maybe modify the shape of some of the letters to make it more unique. You aren’t confined to accepting fonts in their original shape. Get more creative.

The first symbol looks like a framed picture of a mountain, not a house.

If you do go with a long slogan type name, you should probably avoid using a symbol altogether. If you used type only, you could use 3 lines of type instead of 2 to make it a more square shape.

Have you considered if the logo works in monochrome also?

Thanks for all your comments! My bad for not explaining context. The logo is for a business that will provide artist rendering of homes, fully framed, along with full-color printed cards with envelopes. Cost is $XX. Will be sold to real estate agents who will give them to home buyers upon close of home purchase, most likely upscale homes.

Granted that this idea needs revise, can you please choose between the two as which is better? One has windows and door in the “home” and the other does not.

Did you design these logos?

Yes, I designed these.

Thanks for confirming.

Combine the font size of the first with the framed picture of the second.

  1. have you identified a market need for realtors that will buy hand-rendered art of homes, whether to buyers for a new purchase or for sellers as a memento?
  2. The “rustic” look and muddy colors of the logo do not at all imply “upscale.” Not one bit. If you are looking to render “upscale” homes, why draw a child’s version of a log cabin?

The second one is better. Without windows and door, the house would look more like a mountain.

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