Logo poll

I’m sorry, but when I first saw it, I thought it read ai instead of m.

I like your following idea much better. I’m on the fence about which wordmark to use.


For what it’s worth, I think you’ve crossed the blurry line into overthinking this logo.

I know :neutral_face: I think it has made me go insane

I need to just move forward with it now

I still cannot wrap my head around it. If this has to be explained, chances are it is far too subtle for its own good.

MASV says massive to me. I like decoding car license plates too.
Or I could just be thinking of the Massivit 3D printer, which is really large.:slight_smile:

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I also would add that younger generations are much more inclined to decoding missing letters. Such as Mtn Dew. I read it as Massive and I would expect the target audience for the gym to be probably between 25-40-ish.

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Shortened spelling has been around a while now and it is popular.

Think Flickr, Mtn Dew, etc.

When I first read MASV a few weeks ago, I didn’t pick up on it meaning MASSIVE. When I did finally get it, I said to myself, “Of course” it says Massive, which made it memorable to me. In other words, a little ambiguity and surprise can sometimes be a good thing.

Of course I can also think “Masovic”, “Masvidal”, “Masove”, “Mail Server”, “Maserve”, etc., etc.

I might be pushing it a little, but my first impression was just blank.

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I second that