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How can I design a logo for my real estate site?

Option 1 – If you’re inclined to do it yourself, which it sounds like you are, the general steps are: research, brainstorming / concept work, design, refine, finalize.

Option 2 – Hire a professional designer.

  1. You can do it yourself and your business will be branded with the work of an first-time amateur.
  2. You can hire a qualified professional whose work will create a professional look for your business.

If indeed you’re a first-time amateur and you’re inclined to do it yourself, chances are it will manifest itself to the facts, and will cost you down the road for file formatting, printability, production adjustments, and a whole wad of other things.

Both Steve_O and Just-B gave great advice.

If, on the other hand, you’re neither first-time nor amateur, I’ll take it all back, gladly.

Moved to it’s own topic since this was all happening in another member’s intro thread :wink:

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there are lots of free website for you to get a simple logo… but if you want make your logo to your brand image, even if you want to have a trademark as future, better to hire a professional designer to do it.

If you look at those websites with “free” logos, a. those same logos will be offered on other sites, b. the license attached to them often says they can’t be used as logos (for instance check the EULA on a stock logo at iStock, etc.) and c. as you noted, they can’t be trademarked as not only does use as a logo void the EULA, any number of other people can download and use the same logo. Brand dilution at it’s worst.

As for the drag and drop sites, they usually have similar usage terms. “For personal use only” does not mean for your personal business. A business is a commercial venture requiring a commercial usage license. Besides, how many other people are using the same drag and drop elements.

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Thanks to all, for their great suggestion and time. Think it must help me to do so.

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What will be the cost price to design a logo for my real estate site?
Any idea, please?

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