Logo redesign. Nice to hear any CC, please

Hello everyone.
I’m looking for a review which logo I should choose to final developing and if you have any suggestions on improving my designs I’d be glad to hear them.
Can you also leave a comment on my website which logo according to your opinion I should choose as final, please? This is a part of the assignment.


Thank you.

This is just my observation at first glance, not a critique.

  1. The “I with a circle” jumps at me saying it’s an “on / off switch” symbol.
  2. The images with lime green background don’t have enough contrast between text and logo and the background. Makes it look a bit unsettling.

hope this helps, sorry for not being able to give you a more constructive critique

Version one has possibilities — especially if combined with version two. It’s similar to the existing logo, which could be good as far as maintaining brand recognition or bad if the client wants something totally new. You definitely need to increase the widths of those thin lines between the letters, however. They will totally fill in when reproduced at small sizes.

Version two has possibilities too. The arrows certainly imply movement (or transport) from one place to the next. Why, though, did you cut off the end of the crossbar on the T?

Version 3 is nice, and it looks Irish. I don’t understand to purpose of the point protruding from just beyond the top of the f, though.

I like version 4, but it’s too reminiscent of the drain pipes beneath my kitchen sink.

If it were me, I’d combine the best features of version 1 and 2.

Thanks Bird

I decided that the version with an identical but reflected crossbar for F and T looks better, and also F here has a sharp corner.

I added a protruding top on the F because I wanted it to look like an arrow with the bottom of the shamrock the entry and the top the exit.

That was very interesting the way you pointed that out but they are simple roads seen from a bird’s eye view.

Thanks very much, Just-B

Just out of curiosity: why did you(r customer?) decide to change the logo? What is the thing the new logo should feel like / communicate?

Maarten, I think that in this case, as I am a student and this is only a task, the question you pointed is incorrect. Why I chose this logo for redesign from a list provided - is more suitable and the answer is trivial - I see buses with this logo almost every day. Despite that, the current logo is designed based on simplicity but it looks well and also has some potential to looks better in my opinion. I am not saying that I am ready for such a challenge, but the school is there to try and I like challenges :slight_smile:

My point of view for this project is to keep this current simplicity but also add some elements which could remind an Irish symbol. During my sketches, I noticed that the three letters could also represent roads and I feel that I should keep this direction.
Basically, I would like the logo to be memorable design and have some kind of flowing and movement feeling.

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