Logo redesign - what do you think?

Hey guys, I would like to ask you about your opinion on our company logo. I have been persuading my boss for months to redesign our logo because I don´t think it reflects our company vision. Our website should provide information about online casino business, but in every way we try to warn people about risks and we try to provide them with enough information not to lose their money stupidly. Anyway, in my opinion our logo looks right know like some kind of approving Aladdin. Also, I have a feeling that it doesn´t look good on the website, it´s not very sharp. Please take a look and let me know what do you think: LINK REMOVED

Could you please just post the logo in question?

Gambling sites are blocked where I work, so you might want to do what DocPixel suggested and post the actual logo here.

Did you design the logo?

As a matter of forum policy, only work posted by the original designer is critiqued directly. I suspect that disqualifies your request, provided critique is what you wanted.

So keeping my distance, let’s just say I agree with you. In your shoes I’d be campaigning for redesign too.

This … and link removed.

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