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Are there any websites where you can download logo design templates on a monthly subscription basis? Normally, I require 100 logo templates per month; how much will this cost? I require less than what Shutterstock or istock charge. A subscription license should be used for commercial purposes.

Again with this?


Someone asked this exact question not so long ago :wink:

Again… You can’t use Stock images for logos. You don’t and will never own the rights to the imagery.

End of story.


You could try posting somewhere like Upwork or other sites (I’m not familiar with a lot of them).

Then you could be in arrangement with someone to give you bespoke 100 logo templates per month.

24-27 days in a working month

About 4 logos a day. Bespoke templates.
Probably looking at max 2 hours per template.

So it’s 8 hours work multiplied by their hourly rate
multiplied by 5 times a week.

I’m sure you can find someone to come to arrangement with.

As said - you can’t logo templates that you own outright.
I could just download the exact same template and have the same logo as you.

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thank you for responding

thank you for your answer

This sounds like a new free time game for me. Find corporate logos made from stock art, and make a few of my own using the same art. :joy:

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