Logos with lots of words?

Hey guys, can you think of any logos for companies with big long names?

I’m having a helluva time with a logo I’m working on. It has 5 words or 33 characters. I could abbreviate 2 of the words to bring it down to 25 characters. I’m thinking text only rather than text plus image. Currently researching successful logos in similar style. Thankfully it will NOT need a tagline/slogan.

Any logos you can think of with 4+ words would be a great help at this stage.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Grand Lodge of the State of New York
J. R Oishei Children’s Hospital
Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences

Some successful, some not so much.

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Government agency names are almost always long, but then again, those logos are always pretty awful.

The most successful ones I’ve seen don’t try to incorporate the name into the body of the logo. Instead, they treat the name as a separate, but related, blurb of type that can be spelled out in a consistent typeface and positioned around the logo in one, two or three options depending on the space that needs to be filled.

Big, long unmemorable names are just sort of what they are, so I’ve always taken the position of letting them be what they are, then treating the logo itself as sort of a stand-alone entity that just happens to have the big long name in close proximity.

Sort of like the ones for your home country, which are actually sort of cool. Of course it’s a corporate kind of look, but the same principle, I think, could apply to most any cumbersome name if done right.



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Agencies are notorious for long winded names!

I’m torn between designing something fun and approachable or something very corporate. It’s for an association but the idea is to group both professionals and hobbyists and have some clout in their industry so maybe corporate and simple is the way to go.

I was going to suggest government agencies and national NPOs. In Canada, most of these are wordy and required to be in two languages simultaneously.

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