Logos with web address in the name

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What’s everyones thoughts on logos that have the web address in them?
Example would be the type underneath the icon with www.companyname.ca or companyname.com

Depending on the business would it be alright if it’s going on a business card or some type of promotional material. I personally, I think it’s a little redundant to have your logo with web address on your website. The whole point of a url is to get people to visit your site but if they are already there it doesn’t make much sense.

In that case it would almost be beneficial for someone to have two versions of the logo one without the url and one with.

If the name of the company is also their web address, it seems appropriate since it’s their name. If adding the web address to the logo is just an attempt to generate website traffic through their logo, it seems like a misunderstanding of a logo’s purpose. There are better ways to make sure a company’s URL appears on its various collateral materials than to permanently embed it into their logo.

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If it’s designed well and depending on where it’s featured I can see it making sense. I would put it on a Facebook cover image or another image that features the company logo and might end up somewhere that’s not linked to their parent website like a blogpost on a third party blog.

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