LOL, Discord

I spent quite a lot of time in a discord server this weekend (It’s linked to a Patreon account and the creators were very actively involved this weekend.)

Now I’m on here staring at the screen going WTF when “enter” doesn’t immediately post my comment, LOL.

Of course that little uh feature on discord has gotten me into hot water when something immediately posts when all you wanted was a line return, and maybe shoulda thought better of even that… :scream:

And here, I’m allowed to use punctuation.

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Yea i love my discord server. its one big group chat. we game, stream, post random ish. talk polotics and make fun of eachother.

ooo nooo politics not allowed - unless the creators start it and they usually don’t.
Religion only to some extent.
Mostly its just good clean fun, which is the point in this one.

I’ve never been on Discord… I live under a rock with most apps. I have a few of the main social media things and that’s about it.

I know a lot of the Youtube people I watch are either mentioning the have it or say something because everyone keeps asking when they will get it. Means nothing to me lol … and a lot of them tie it into Patreon. Another platform I don’t have much to do with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Discord is new to me.
Patreon usually costs money to join. This one links to discord for chat as Patreon chat is rather cumbersome. They also link to Twitter and Instagram. I don’t like them THAT much. LOL.

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What is Discord or a Discord Server?

I looked it up but found nothing that made much sense. I even signed up for something, but accessing it just took me to a blank black screen with a message saying it couldn’t load messages, whatever that meant.

What is Patreon?

I looked that up too and it made even less sense — something about art, fans and making money.

What am I not getting here?


Yeah … everyone has a Patreon these days … I’m not sure who out there can afford to pay extra for each person they watch on YouTube just so they can see extra, super duper content… but it ain’t me lol :smiley: I actually stopped watching one gal I really liked because she hawked her Patreon so much and all the other old bitties on there took it as challenge to get the most expensive tier (25.00) a month and then proceed to act like they owned the joint and tried to make others feel bad that they weren’t able to join the cool kids. The YouTuber basically laughed it off and said “be kind” bs … but bottom line she made it clear they were better subscribers because they paid. No matter how old we get it doesn’t take long for some to return to high school lol :wink: By the way the big draw for the exclusive tier was a phone call with her for 10 minutes so she could mentor you. She glues paper and fabric together. I’m not the smartest cookie in the pack … but I think I have the whole gluing process down pretty well :wink:

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It’s another platform that allows people to subscribe to content creators for a price.

A lot of Youtubers have an acct. so they can make more money since Youtube changed things that put steeps limits on earning potential. Patreon is a way to contribute to the creators so they can afford the things they need to produce content … supposedly :wink:

I’ve heard several crabbing about Patreon practices now too. The more popular they get the more they are taking vs giving :wink:

Discord is a (rather invasive if you let it) service that allows you to live chat and voice chat. It’s usually for gamers so you can talk to each other while playing, but this particular server is more of an adjunct to the Patreon account because the Patreon chat interface just plain sucks. They also use it for live streaming as they dropped Youtube as a service for that due to restrictions.

Patreon, you become a patron (older term was “angel”) where you donate to the artist. What they do with it to produce more content is up to them. If you don’t trust them or don’t see the content, you stop. I can see where it could become the “cool kids club” if the patrons are rude people. This one is really really tame to begin with and has open channels for people unable to pay through Patreon. A lot of the kids have even less money now than before covid, so a lot of former members are in the open channels. That cuts down on holier than thou attitudes a lot.

If you just go to Discord without a destination in mind, it assumes you want to set up a server. That’s why you see a blank screen probably.
But it’s a whole culture. I’m a little too old, but there are a few of us over 40 in the server and the youngsters think its fun to explain it all to us so it’s all cool. The format takes a lot of getting used to.
A line return is an immediate post. That’s the scariest. Which is why I was laughing this morning as my posts here were just sitting there doing nothing.
It’s actually been kind of fun.

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