Long time comiing

The human body is frackin amazing. I lost my right leg in January. Walking again unaided by canes or devices was a challenge but I am there. The satisfaction of driving has been weighing on me very heavy. Well yesterday was the day. I had been trying to get my Jeep rolling after sitting for 9 months. Yesterday she/he started. Upon asking my wife to come and move it so we could mow around the dead spot I said to myself WTF. I put it in gear and away I went. It just changes everything for me. Please excuse the pause in the intro I almost started balling. I in no way recommend an amputee on his 2nd trip out video himself, I in general will not even answer my phone in the car at all. But I digress today anyway.

By the way another huge change has been my weight so I no longer have a double chin. I shaved off my go-tee this morning. Talk about razor burn that skin has not seen light in 20+ years.


Good for you, Willyflew. Sounds like you’ve reached some huge milestones toward a new normal.

Those achievements don’t happen on their own, nor overnight, so kudos to you for the effort and determination.


Aww … I’m crying for you ((((Hugs)))) :heart: You have come so far. You are so determined and inspirational Willy. Good for you my friend!!! :heart::heart:




That’s good news Willy!


Gratz Willy on getting your wheels back, and your mojo by the sounds of it :slight_smile:


Great comeback story, Willy. As someone who enjoys driving more than most (and has also had some not-so-minor health-based threats to normal life), I understand your psychological position. Welcome back to the road!


I admire your spirit, Willy. We all can learn from it. This forum is more than just graphic design.


Thank you all for the kind words and support. I am very fortunate to have my extended online family.

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