Looking For A Business Name

Recently, I’ve decided to go freelance. Currently debating whether I should use my name as my business name. Never been keen to use it, but some suggest it’s the easiest. Unfortunate, tagging on Design or Graphics has been taken or been done to death. Just looking some creative idea to jumpstart me.

J. Brock

Asking a bunch of people who you aren’t paying and don’t know and who don’t know you or your style never goes well.

We’ve had folks ask in the past and the results range from sad to hilarious.

You are in the business of coming up with ideas. If you can’t even name yourself … what are you going to do when you are “stumped” with someone who is paying you?

All I will say is what NOT to do.

Do not mispell Graphic Design in some stupid …err I mean cool way. :wink:

Have a look at this. It may help a little.


Try “business name generator”. I’m more hilarious inclined.


“Designs Curator” has a nice ring to it.

How about “Crafter of Designing”?

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I just tried a business name generator site and came up with Unholy Art Monkey. Ha! I’m half tempted to register the domain myself. :laughing:


I used a fictitious name, with the intention of one day selling the business and retiring. It may be easier to transition clients to the new owner if my name isn’t on the marquee and synonymous with the product.

True RedKittieKat, but I’m my own worst client.

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