Looking for a font libraries

Looking for font libraries that contain the latest English and Arabic fonts, Any help would be appreciated.

Buy what you need at Fonts.com

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Better still, buy your fonts at FontSpring.com since they pay higher royalties to the font designers.

I’m guessing, though, that you’re looking for free stuff. Google Fonts seems to have picked up quite a few Arabic fonts over the past year or two. Assuming you subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Adobe has quite a few fonts you can use too — both Latin and Arabic. Beyond that, though, I have no advice other than to avoid the crappy free front sites and make sure you only use legally obtained fonts.

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You might want to take a look at Almas to see if it suits your needs, it is free. The non Arabic was made by myself and the Arabic characters were added by my friend Husham Jawad.

Almas was originally based on a font I produced called Bainsley but Husham only added Arabic scripts to the regular version, he did not do the Bold, Italic or Bold-Italic.

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