Looking for a logo for my business card

Hi Everyone,
I live in Windhoek Namibia. I am not a graphic designer and was hoping that you would be able to assist me with a logo for my business card. I heard that on this website there are logo’s that can be used? Not sure if this is correct.

I am a professional in the field of risk management aka Occupational health safety and environmental management. I do legal compliance, audits, develop and implement systems such as ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, etc. Not sure if this means anything :smile:

Can anyone help me?

Kind regards

Post up an ad in the Classifieds. We don’t do free work here.


As PrintDriver suggested, you should create a new post in the classified section. There are many qualified designers associated with this forum that could be hired to create a logo for your consulting business.

My suggestion would be to look at portfolios of several designers, consider the solutions they came up with to solve their client’s problem, see who you think would be a good fit for your company, and request a proposal.


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