Looking for a picture of our offered product

Hi all,

We are producing accommodation containers with servers inside as contract manufacturers.

Now, we want to manufacture and offer these containers through our own company directly. Due to legal reasons, for us it is not possible to use the pictures of our (already) manufactured containers.

My question is, where can I get one picture of a a accommodation container with servers for our website, either

  • as 3D graphic
  • or as real picture.


What is an “accommodation container with servers inside”? I have no idea what these things might be and neither does Google.

Whatever they are, you seem to be saying your company manufactures them but you can’t legally show photos of them on your website. Then you go on to say that you need 3D mockups or real photos of someone else’s similar objects for your website as a substitute for not showing your own.

This doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

Hi Just,

  1. An accommodation container with servers inside is a “containerized data center” wich, in addition, includes as small office. You will find plenty of pictures on Google which I dont want to use. That is why I asked you guys this question

  2. “Whatever they are, you seem to be saying your company manufactures them but you can’t legally show photos of them on your website” → This is correct und absolute sound. My company is manufacturing them, but I MUST not use these pictures as we are vendors for our clients who own the right of our products, including pictures

  3. I need something which (re)presents the products which we can manufacture. You can call it a 3D mockup, or a model or a modified image. → It is just important that potential client get an impression of our product and that we dont violate copy rights…

I think this case is pretty clear…right?

This sounds like something you would hire a designer for. :smiley:

Use stock image sites

Great, now everyone will know how to be a designer.

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Everyone already did.

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Yes, now that you’ve explained it, it’s clear.

Honestly, I’m not sure where you would get a generic photo of containerized data center. They’re not exactly popular subjects for photographers. I searched a few stock sites and came up blank.

Besides, from the Google image searches, they all look different. Wikipedia has a few high-resolution photos that would be free to use with attribution. However, even they are branded with various logos of the owners.

What you’re looking for is sort of a stretch: an attractive, generic, representative, portable, computer server data container that’s free to use and resembles those your company might manufacture.

Even assuming you found a photo that met those requirements, using one and representing it as something your company might manufacture seems just a bit dishonest.

You’ve likely already thought of this since it’s rather obvious, but if it were me, I would contact the clients and ask permission to use their photos or ask if a photographer you hire can shoot one on location. I see little reason for them to say no — especially if the containers sre fully branded with their logos. This would provide free advertising for them while showing your products in actual use on location by real companies. The credibility of showing the real product in use by a real company can’t be overstated.

You could even include a small case study describing how Company X worked with you to build exactly what they needed and how it benefited them and their clients. In other words, you’d make your client(s) look good, while getting real photos of real containers in use.

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Or you could hire a 3D artist to do a generic version of what you make. This isn’t necessarily a job for a Graphic Designer. Someone more versed in Solidworks or Fusion or maybe even Rhino. If you can supply them with CAD drawings, even better.

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If you are looking to manufacture them anyway, can’t you make a prototype and have that photographed?

Hi all, please let me tell it again: No, we are not allowed to take pictures of the products we are manufacturing (even in our own facilities) because we are contract manufacturers. You would not see a contract manufacturer company in Asia, showing you an iPhone or an Apple computer as their product, although these product usually are manufactured entirely by contractors in Asia

…and to exlude a misunderstanding here: We are ready to pay a service company for getting proper pictures, either real one or 3D rendering images.