Looking for a place to discuss about SIGNANGE

Designing and building.

Can someone recommand on such a forum to sub-forum?

There isn’t one. At least not here.
But what do you want to know?
Been building them for over 20 years

I’m looking for examples of illuminated emergency signs the has been embeeded on wayfinding signs.

Do you have a sketch of what you mean?
Depends on your type of wayfinding and local regulations.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, they can sometimes be custom built.
Often fire code regulations insist the fire exit signs be freestanding, though not necessarily illuminated, for effect.
That can vary by state, county and city.
See how these are separated:
Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 5.13.24 AM

Those are typical emergency exit signs.
The OP is looking to incorporate those designs into a thematic wayfinding system.
I’d highly suggest they start with the fire code for wherever the venue is located. Because going down a rabbit hole before you even know you can is a waste of time.

Ok buddy @PrintDriver :+1:

Actually, i want the fire dept authority to confirm an incoperation of the emergency signs into the wayfinding signs, so i’m building a presentation for them, i would like to add some examples for that, not sure where i can find some examples for this kind of systems.

I’m kind of confused.
Are you looking for a premade thing that you can slide your graphics into?
I’m in the US. What you are looking to do is very uncommon. About the only example I can find is that airport image I posted. And this. But this is custom built.
Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 1.19.57 PM

I’m more confused that you are designing something that you don’t seem to have a concrete grasp on. Don’t you have drawings or renderings of what you intend to provide? If you are relying on pre-made, stuff like this can be adapted for just about any type of graphic use (one source of many):
And I’m sure you’ve done this:

I’m not looking for any mock-ups or physical modular signage to buy right now.
I’m just looking to see if anybody planned that kind of system before i’m starting to do so. i want to learn from the experienced.

Every building I’ve gone into already has emergency exit signage. Every architectural, ground-up construction site, type of job I’ve done has it installed before even the curtain walls go up. It almost has to, before a lot of the interior work can even be permitted to start because you can’t have people in a building unless the egress points are clearly marked. It can’t wait for a wayfinding system. That may be why you aren’t finding many examples of it.
What you are proposing is kind of redundant in those instances.

If the space already exists and this is a new buildout, it’s already there too.

But I kinda get the feeling you aren’t in the US?

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, look at existing signage systems and adapt them for what you want to do. Most of them will accept any image you want to slide into the receiver channels, whether custom or off-the-shelf. What you do with that is up to you.

Thank you.
i’m outside of the usa, i’m from Israel, what you noted about regulations is true also here,
The problem is that more and more regulations comes up and then the emergency signs become patched with more addition that makes it unaesthetic.
The photo from the airport you’ve uploaded is quite close to what i’m looking for.
i’ll keep search.

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