Looking for a place to find a vector for Jackson Storm for a full size car?

Hi everyone have a client that is looking to have a jackson storm themed race car and cant find anything anywhere? any help would be greatly Appreciated!!

Well, I didn’t know who/what Jackson Storm was, so I Googled it and got dozens of pictures of the character/car. What exactly are you looking for? Of course I can’t know for sure, but I have very strong doubt anyone is offering a ready-made graphics package specifically for your firend’s race car. You have to make it. It’s a pretty simple design that wouldn’t be difficult reproduce at any size using basic vector creation methods.

yeah thats what i figured this is what he sent me http://skepple.net/jackson-storm-lamborghini-gallardo/

Damn. That’s some nice devaluing of a 6-figure exotic.


I’m a confused about what you’re asking. Does this client want you to design the graphics for his car? If so, I think you might need to consult a shop that specializes in vehicle wraps, then work with them on the measurements and other specs you’ll need to design the graphics.

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