Looking for a Typeface

Hi Guys,
Hope everyone is well! I’m looking for a typeface that’s either this or similar to the one in this pic. I know it’s a carving and I could be outta luck but I figured I’d give it a go. Thanks so much & Happy New Year!


I was curious so I poked around online and found out a little more. It looks as if the station WJIB began in 1967 (well, the call letters WJIB, the station existed prior to that.)

I’ve included this other photo I found poking around that shows the letters from a more “true” straight on shot. The one shared by the OP looks like it was taken from beneath the sign which distorted the letters due to the perspective.

The arm/tail curling into the bottom bowl of the B is pretty interesting. I’d be curious if anyone has much luck locating anything similar.


Thanks Craig, I poked around too & I think Miller Display bold & Zoltana would do the trick.

ding ding…ding ding…
My mom’s favorite radio station!

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