Looking for advice on personal project

Hey I made this Korean Hatsune Miku logo and would like feedback on how to improve it. Your feed back is appreciated. The original Japanese logo is at the bottom

I am fairly certain the majority of GDF members are not familiar with either Korean or Japanese language, let alone both, even if provided with brief and/or background information.

To me they’re just groups of shapes. Sorry.

As Eriskay mentioned, I have no idea about either language :wink:

As for similarities. Your colors and styling look the same. Your stroke is a bit thicker than theirs and your kerning is also a bit wider than theirs. The kerning could be a symbol issue though. I would have no idea about that though.

That’s about all I can say about it.

Stylistically, the top one matches the bottom one, if that’s of any help. However, as has already been said, I don’t have a clue what either says or if your Korean characters would match the normal written conventions of Korean.

yeah, I know a majority of GDF doesn’t speak Korean. Like you said I’m more looking for advice on whether the style matches. Also thanks for the compliment