Looking for best graphic design books to read

Hello Everyone,
I am looking for best graphic design books to read, I want to learn basic designing skills via books kindly suggest me some books

Hi @Danielcharles
These are the some books that you must follow

  1. You can draw in 30 days by mark kistler
  2. Picture this by molly bang
  3. Nondesigners design book by Robin Williams
  4. Design of everyday things by Don Norman


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Thanks @swetajoshi and @PrintDriver for the reply, yes the list provided by the swetajoshi is really helpfull for me, i aslo searched best graphic design books on the internet i have bought these three books form amazon,
1: Graphic Design For Everyone: Understand the Building Blocks so You can Do It Yourself by cath caldwell
2: The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers by Alan Livingston
3: The Graphic Design Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters by Gail Anderson.

Thank You

Design for the Real World by Victor Papanek is one of those books you’ll be glad you read in 20 years time. A real formative text. Not necessarily graphic design focussed, but definitely design focussed and you designers should approach it ethically. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Every new designer should read it.

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