Looking For Budget Monitor

Hey there!
I would like your opinion on buying new monitor

I’ve been looking at specs of a bunch of monitors priced at 350eu(max) to be able to do design work and have a decent quality for casual gaming.(but competitive games too)
I’m a graphic designer student and I currently own potato pc with a 18" old samsung

after the research i did i ended up between these two;

  • u can see the comparison at [displayspecifications . com] /en/comparison/fdbdcac5 but it doesn’t let me include link-

1)ASUS PB287Q (28", 4K , TN, 96% RGB 66%ADOBE 72% NTC, 1MS,)

has better dynamic contrast and brightness quality than the other model, good for gaming too, the only thing that bothers me a little bit is the panel type but reviews say i’ts not that big of a deal, and the fact that is under 99% rgb that i’m not a professional but i don’t know if it makes a big difference during work

1)ASUS PB278QR (27" , 2K , AHVA IPS , 100%RGB 71%ADOBE, 5MS )
better panel type and a little bigger rgb range, also cheaper but has less resolution, and i think less capabilities for gaming)

what would you choose?
P.s im planning on buying new gpu too to support the new qualities and i guess when and if i make enough money in the future i’ll change to a more professional monitor :baby_chick:
thank you

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