Looking for designer willing to TRADE there abilties

Good Morning,
I am not a graphic designer, but I have designed, what I believe, is a unique modular home. It could built in a small “factory” in one day, easily transported (6+ on one flat bed semi) and erected on a new or existing slab (That is a slab where a house had been destroyed by hurricane or other disaster) and erected in less than one day. My structure is 400sqft. It could be built for about $8,000 (Including labor).
My design could used as a vacation home, a “Grandmother” unit, and my greatest hope is that the structure would be used for disaster or refugee relief .
All material used are natural, renewable or repurposed.
I am looking for a designer, that is experienced in home design and able to draw plans that would be ready for patent. I am looking for a graphic designer willing to exchange there abilities for a share in manifesting my project`
I live in Nevada City, CA and would like to work with someone within a 100 mile radius of my home.
I look forward to connecting with a talented designer that will help me manifest my dream…Benjamin 530 264-4321

You are looking more for an architectural draftsman than a graphic designer.
You need someone familiar with construction techniques and building codes.

Your idea is admirable, but not unique. Lots of these things out there and the biggest stumbling block seems to be to get the local authorities to allow them to be built. But that’s neither here nor there.

If you believe the idea is good enough, you might have to shell out the bucks to get this drawn up for the patent. Consider it being part of your initial investment. After all, that is what you are asking for when you offer “a share” in your project. If you don’t have enough belief in this to sink some of your own money (a couple days of a draftsman’s time) how do you plan to pitch it to investors?

Be sure to put an NDA clause in there when you contract with someone.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. You make some very good points.
I have contacted some local architectural designers and they seem to have no interest in developing a new design. It is not so much the money, as it is finding someone willing to work on a new ideas. I would be willing to pay for their time in drawing the design, but I am looking for someone to work with from the initial design to the actual installation of the structure.
As to your comment that there are many modular structures out the there. You a very much correct, but still I believe that my structure is unique.
I have been told that my design would be hard to get approved. I do know that in Oakland, CA (Because of the need for housing) have loosed their “Rules and Regs”. Also I wonder if these rules might be loosened in disaster areas as well. I would like to say that I began this project well before these terrible disaster, but I feel my design would be well suited.
I guess I do not know how to describe (Or find) such a person.
Any suggestions?

I have family in the Nevada City and Grass Valley area. I wouldn’t mind living there myself — it’s a very pretty place.

Anyway, PrintDriver is right. Graphic designers aren’t draftsmen. They’re two very separate skills.

I don’t know why the places you called turned you down. Perhaps it was because the nature of what you’re proposing lies outside of their specialization. Ultimately, though, you’ll need to find a good architectural draftsman/engineer who knows the ins and outs of, not only drafting, but also the legalities, building codes, materials, engineering, safety issues, etc., related to what you’re proposing.

It sounds as though, at this stage, you’re mostly looking for the kinds of preliminary drawings needed for a patent application. Even so, you’ll need a draftsman with enough know-how to give you practical advice and create what’s needed for the patent application.

Just a suggestion, but instead of heading straight to a draftsman, it might be better to, first, consult a patent attorney who knows enough about the process to guide you through it and connect you with the right people. You’ll likely need to work with a patent attorney at some point, so you might as well line one up at the beginning to help you through the process.

Here’s something I just located through a Google search that might be of interest:


Thank you.
I do believe that posting on this site was incorrect, but your suggestion about putting “My ducks” in the proper order is helpful. I do have a pro bono lawyer, but unfortunately I am not able to approach him for advise only to file the completed patent idea,Thank you again, Benjamin

You could try a custom fabricator. It would never happen for free, nor for a potential piece of the action. It would be cash up front. At least half the fee, if not all of it.

The time of a draftsman and the engineer are expensive. If the patent requires an engineering stamp (I didn’t read B’s link) that could be a several hundred to a couple thousand right there.

Here’s a list of custom fabricators in/near Sacramento. Any of the ones that help the building trades might be able to help you out. https://www.productionhub.com/directory/profiles/set-construction-scenic-carpenters-set-building/us/california/sacramento

Thank you for your imput…Best to you Benjamin

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