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Hello Everyone, I am designing student and looking for an online design book to grow my knowledge but I am confused about which author book is good for purchasing as a beginner point. I have checked on Amazon to buy a book but I can’t find a better one.

I cant think of any of the top of my head, I would look for a book that covers current graphic design techniques and text you can understand…
i read the weekly and monthly graphic design magazine in the college library. your professors might have a better recommendation

Honestly, learning graphic design from a book is difficult. Similarly, it would be difficult to learn how to swim or play the piano from a book. It’s really a matter of learning by doing, lots of practice and lots of critical feedback from others who are further along than yourself.

There are books on the subject, but they tend to be very specialized. There are, of course, lots of books and tutorials on how to use software tools, but learning to design requires learning to think through problems and translate that thinking into visual solutions.

The best books I’ve found are typically the various design annuals, like Communication Arts, the Type Directors Club annual book, the annual Logo Lounge book, etc. These are not how-to books, however — they all basically examples of other people’s work that the authors of the books have deemed to be representative of the best or most important work. The value in these books is in their ability to let new (and experienced) designers know what others consider to be good work.

I had a look look at this book recently, that a friend had bought for a gift, it seems to be a good general introduction, with excercises for practice.

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Hi Adi,

Thanks for your question, Here you can find a list of books which will help you to get the good resource.

  1. Universal Principles of Design, Revised, and Updated
  2. Layout Essentials
  3. The Art of Looking Sideways August 20, 2001
  4. The Design of Everyday Things
  5. Graphic Design School
  6. The Elements of User Experience
  7. Logo Design Love
  8. Design Elements, Color Fundamentals
  9. Thinking with Type
  10. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited

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