Looking for education

I took classes for two years in high school for Photoshop and Flash (which i believe is Animate now) i was certified in both at the time, but its been a long time since CC16.

Currently a friend and I have been making websites for local business, and I have been designing small things like take away menus. This is good and exciting, but I am worried that my workload will surpass my knowledge. I have a passing understanding of the key concepts and am looking to build upon that.

If anyone has any leads, I’m looking for online courses that are affordable, and have a chance of being acknowledged by employers (Although this will vary from employer to employer) that would be amazing. So far I have started the Graphic Design courses offered by Coursera, and I like them.

This is my first post on the whole site, so hopefully i did this right!

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Here are two reputable online spots that I know of:

Lynda.com - Design training

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