Looking for feedback and gauge interest

I am software developer by profession. I am working on a fun side project that lets you remove background of any image. You can use the API to remove background of upto 1000 images within minutes. I see pretty good results from my initial tests.

I am wondering if folks here are willing to try it for free and provide feedback? I am curious if you see need for this in your work? If you don’t know how to use API, then I can build a simple web page for uploading and downloading images. You maintain IP for all of your images (before and after).

Also, not trying to sell to anyone but would you be willing to pay 50 cents to $1 per image for this work?


Personally, I can’t see I’d use it. When I do cutouts, they are often fairly fine, accurate ones for high quality books that I need manual control over. That said, what I used to be good at, back in the day, was cutting out hair and now photoshop does it far faster than I ever did manually. So, I’d be interested to see how well your software can do it. Is the intent for lo-res screen work, or large, print-res images?

Great that you’re willing to pay.

But how does it differ from the likes of remove.bg and other sites?
Photoshop has come along leaps and bounds with their own background removals.

But I’m curious - most designers (graphic designers) would be able to do this easily enough. So why try a graphic design forum?

What’s your target audience here?

There’s a misconception that the demand for “easy button” functionality resides among professionals.

I’d describe my self as skeptical but interested. Photoshop’s selection tools have come a long way, and Select Subject is good; but it always needs refinement. If you — or anyone — built a tool that really nailed it, yes, I’d be interested.

I’m all for time-saving things. But I’m also a control freak. If settings aren’t customizable, relying on AI input only, then I am skeptical. And I’m always skeptical of anything that says it’s a resolution enhancer. As with all image enhancement, the usual GIGO rule always applies with very little variable on what isn’t Garbage.

I wouldn’t be interested in quantity. It’s quality that would count.

Can you provide a few examples — especially examples of fine detail, like strands of hair, or out-of-focus edges being separated from complicated backgrounds?

Thanks for the information.

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