Looking for fx

Hey so in the video above u can see this thing someone made for me with my name. so basically behind my name u can see these kinda fire like particles. does anyone know how i recreate this? and does anyone know how i recreate the gradient??


It would be easy enough to recreate in vector illustration software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, or Inkscape.

However, are you asking how you can recreate it? Based on your question, I assume you’re not a designer yourself, so without the right software and expertise in using the software, I know of no easy do-it-yourself way to go about it if that’s what you’re asking.

If you’re asking how to create a video of it, that’s even more complicated, but you could do it in Adobe After Effects assuming you want things to move around, change color, and that sort of thing.

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Hey, its true im not a designer myself, i know some basic things tho.

im trying to recreate this in adobe after effects. it is a video but because my account is so new i cant share a video of it, basically the little shapes behind it move around a little bit. the color doesnt change too much and to be very honest im just looking for what effects i need for it, thatll just help me out fine. :slight_smile:

Same answer as Just-B for the theory of knowledge.

I would use “inkscape” (for images) and animation with “synfig studio”.

They’re all free software.