Looking for inspiration: I am designing my first personal logo [second year graphic design brief] and have had a creative block for over a week! I need some inspiration for a typographic logo

Hi all!

I am stuck on moving forward with my logo design [which will kickstart the rest of my personal branding/self promotional stationery.]

I have a good idea of what I would like, and that is a loopy/simple logotype/monogram style logo with unique typography. Either my name, or my initials. I am wanting to design something adaptable and versatile, so am completely avoiding gradients/digital-style looks etc.

A website which has been a HUGE help is logobook. com - which is a collection of black and white monogram logos. Are there any other, similar websites that can help with finding some typographic logos?
I also would love to find some inspiration for typographic and letterform experimentation.

I may be falling short on my word choice/keywords for searches - any keyword suggestions also welcome!

Examples of the style I am looking for:

I have tried websites like Dribbble, but the results are often very digital/screen based, gradient-y logos. Behance has also been a big help, but it takes me ages to filter through the search results to find inspiration. I hope I’m not sounding picky. :slight_smile: But I definitely have over-exhausted my logo brainstorming and sketching and would love an inspiration resource beyond pinterest to search some more monogram logos/typographic logos.

To anyone who took the time with this post, thank you!


We were just having a similar conversation. The answers still apply even though the question was slightly different.

Get out of your head and off the net. Get outside! Go for a walk, a bikeride, a car ride. Visit a museum or library. Walk through the busy distract of your local city/town. There is inspiration everywhere. :slight_smile:


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