Looking for job types related to graphic design

Dear GDF,

Getting to the point straight away, I’m trying to find out if there are any entry-level types of jobs related to art or graphic design, that can typically be learned a little bit at a time while on the job.

I ask because I might have a resource, a job training agency, who can place me in a job training opportunity, but it would help them if they had some idea of what jobs would be a good fit for me.

I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design with a minor in studio art. I also have learning disabilities. It is these disabilities that prevented me from being able to make connections with the information I was exposed to in school and retain it in such a way that would make me employable. More generally, I discovered that the typical academic, classroom-based, or college format does not work for me in terms of preparing me for a job. Instead, I need something that is more hands on or involves on-the-job-training.

I later experienced this ojt system of training via PRIDE Industries. The system they used mitigated or minimized the effects of my learning disabilities and allowed me not only to be employable but also perform at an above average or high level.

This system of training taught, in a methodical, logical, chronologic manner, a small 5-minute or 10-minute topic or task, allowed me to ask questions until I had clarity, and then practice the topic or task until I became adept. I would then be moved on to the next small topic or task the same way while also reviewing and keeping in practice with previous tasks or topics learned. Training would progress methodically, logically, chronologically this way until a collection of tasks and topics became a skill and then, in turn, a collection of skills became the job. Using this approach to training and learning, I not only was employable but performed that employment at an above average or high level. Essentially, this method or system allowed me to work in data processing and, more recently, electronics assembly. Although I have broached the topic, PRIDE has told me they will not be offering me any graphics or design-related internship. Thus, I need to look elsewhere and that’s what led me to the job training agency I mentioned earlier.

Although it has been several years since I have done graphic design as much as I did in school, I still have an interest in it and at least an above average talent for it. But I also figure that since it has been so long, and given how I learn, that it might be more successful if I start out at entry level and work in a job related to art or design that can form a sort of foundation or training ground towards my eventually becoming a designer. So, in summary, are there any are any entry-level types of jobs related to art or graphic design, that can typically be learned a little bit at a time, similar to the manner described, while on the job?

Thank you! :blush:

Try finding a job in a print shop. Definitely a learn by doing experience. You might not do much graphic design, but you’ll learn ways to produce graphic artwork (and you’ll learn ways not to do it. LOL)
And the print industry is hurting for techs more than graphic design right now.