Looking for MIS / Web to Print solution

Does anyone know anything positive or negative about any of the Web to Print applications listed below?

Web To Print Shop
PrintJob Web2Print

No, but if your timeline is not critical, you can see if any representatives will be demo-ing at the Print United Expo in October. The exhibitor list is just beginning to fill so it may be a few months before it’s anywhere near complete.

I didn’t see any of them listed at April’s ISA Expo, but I didn’t look too hard.

Thank you. That is really good info.

I’ve contacted our reps for LabelTraxx and Hybrid. They are helping. To be honest, I don’t even use any of this stuff so I’m not sure why I’m researching lol.

I will look up the Expo. Let me know if you’re going. I’ll buy you a beer if we’re there at the same time.

I have two major museum installs the first couple weeks in April. I usually do the ISA on their Orlando year, but not sure I can make this one.

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