Looking for Reputable Print Shops

I’m looking to have my personal brand business cards printed at a shop rather than through services like Moo, Vistaprint, and etc. I have contacted two print shops local (within an hour or so) to me - one doesn’t have the foiling capability and the other focuses on larger businesses. Any recommendations on reputable print shops within the US would be great.

My cards would be square with rounded edges, two colors, pantone with black foil on front and black ink on the back.

I’m a big fan of using local print shops for most jobs.

Business cards, on the other hand, are probably the exception. They’re sort of a short-run specialty item.

Like you, people want foil, embossing, rounded corners, die-cuts, edge printing, various media coatings, etc. Most commercial printers aren’t set up to do all these things, and the ones that will do them can be expensive.

Places such as PremiumCards.net and others specialize in this very kind of printing as their main product. This keeps the cost down and helps ensure that the quality stays high.

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Yeh I’d imagine unless it’s a large print runs you will be finding it difficult.

Alternative would something like Scodex which can be done digitally.

It’s quite nice. Hope it’s a good starting point for yourself

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