Looking for SH1 Font?

I believe the the logo uses the same font but in different individual styles

I’m being annoyingly pedantic, but you’ve touched on a pet peeve. The collection of what you’re calling styles is a typeface family, not a font. Fonts (more or less) correspond to the individual styles, weights, and italics within the larger typeface family.

In other words, you’ve shown us a line of type that is set in a typeface in which several different weights of that typeface are used.

I’m still curious why all these game covers.

Still look for the font. I’ve decided to search for font a with the same ‘S’ since it’s the only distinguishing feature of the font that differentiates itself from other slab serif fonts.

Problem is I only have the ‘S’ to go off since the rest of the logo looks similar to every other slab serif font. If anyone is willing to help me in my search for this logo’s font it would be very much appreciated